NX-T1 Table top Tray and Blister lid heat sealers from Nelipak

Single drawer cleanroom compatible heat sealer for thermoformed trays and blisters.

Our newest custom made sealing machine designed and built by Nelipak® ideal for Class 7 cleanroom use.

A PLC controlled sealer suitable for medical device and pharmaceutical operations, Nelipak’s NX-T1 machine seals a range of coated lid stock. In-house produced matching sealing dies ensure validated seals when used with our blisters and machines.

The NX-T1 sealers are manufactured in stainless steel housing and feature touch button “hands free” sealing. The drawer automatically closes to seal trays and returns to open position on completion of the seal cycle.

RFID reader feature confirms correct recipe and tool set combinations are selected, incorrect inputs results in machine lock out. 21 CFR 11 compliant logging of inputs provides an audit trail of data.

Key Features:

  • Touch button sealing activation
  • Class 7 cleanroom compatible
  • Automatic pushers for easy tray removal
  • RFID confirmation of tool & recipe selection
  • Quick tool change over system
  • 21 CFR 11 compliant logging of inputs
  • Logging of seal force and seal pressure during cycle
  • Network RJ45 socket, 2x USB connection for printer or other
  • peripheral USB equipment
  • Separated pneumatic / electric components for ease of servicing
  • Custom built sealing dies & heat plates
  • CE marked

Nelipak 250914  0004

NX-T1 Table top sealer

Nelipak 250914  0010


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