AH-B Rotary Tray and Blister lid heat sealers from Nelipak

New look Rotary cleanroom compatible lid heat sealer for thermoformed trays and blisters.

A range of rotary tray sealers suitable for medical device and pharmaceutical cleanroom operations, Nelipak machines seal a variety of coated lid materials including: Tyvek®, paper, film or foil. When used with Nelipak produced matching sealing dies ensure validated seals when used with Nelipak blisters and machines.

These flexible machines are available in 2 and 4 station versions and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Options include PLC or analogue controls, in-line lid stock pick & place, robotic handling of trays and in-line printing of lids.

Easy to operate and maintain Nelipak’s reliable sealers feature Quick Tool change sealing dies and profiled heat plates between product runs. Our expert teams offer on-site training, service visits, machine calibration and validation services

Key Features:

  • PLC or Analogue input control
  • 2 and 4 station options
  • Class 7 cleanroom compatible
  • Manual ejector for easy removal of sealed trays
  • Quick tool change over system
  • Network RJ45 socket, 2x USB connection for printer or
  • USB stick
  • IQ,OQ, PQ validation programs available
  • Custom built sealing dies & heat plates
  • Machine options for:
    • In-line printing of lids
    • Pick and place of lid stock
    • Vision inspection
  • CE marked

AH-B Rotary Sealer

Rotary Sealer Storage Cabinet

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