Design and Development

Medical & pharmaceutical packaging tailored to meet your needs

Using all our expertise, designers of Nelipak medical packaging will come up with a solution, which meets your needs for pack performance, functionality and product protection.

The development normally starts with our experienced staff providing sketches or digital images and is followed up with detailed CAD drawings and prototypes. As the project progresses, pre-production items will be made and then tooling is created, tested and put into production once approved. Throughout this process we have ongoing dialogue with you about the design, progress and potential modifications. Your approval will be required, prior to every next stage.

Design Expertise & Technology

Modern software and technology are critical to a successful outcome and we keep abreast of the latest developments and maintain our leadership position through regular investments in new and upgraded systems.

Our design team has extensive knowledge of all systems and procedures throughout the medical supply chain.

We make use of CAD/CAM systems and sketch tablets to visualize the sequence of use in storyboards.


Waste and Cost reduction through design

Our designers always keep in mind that the package should fit all your requirements, and provide the most cost-effective solution. Systems are in place to ensure high quality standards and to minimize waste. We are continuously working on improving our design and production methods.

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