Packaging Audits

Cost effective design, improved competitive advantage optimizing the use of packaging materials, without sacrificing performance.

Nelipak, work with leading medical device and pharmaceutical customers in meeting common objectives on sustainability. Nelipak’s product audit program examines all elements of the product to understand how package design, supply method, handling, end use and material influence cost. Our value analyzing and engineering teams focus on the areas in which improvements can be made and assess the impact of proposed changes through the entire process using the following steps:

  • Preparation / Information: review and define current conditions
  • Function Analyzing: reviewing and analyzing the functions / requirements
  • Creative Stage: other or alternative ways to perform, cost effect analyse
  • Evaluation: structured evaluation and selection
  • Development: development of selected ideas to proposals
  • Presentation: present alternatives and value alternatives
  • Implementation / Follow Up: Planning and Co-ordination practical experience

This process results in cost-effective design and improved competitive advantage by deliver fit-for-purpose solutions that fulfils all requirements in the supply chain, whilst ensuring an optimal use of raw materials and minimum environmental impact.

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