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    All of our Whitepapers:

    The Evolving Role of Thermoforming Suppliers in Medical Packaging Design

    Today’s medical device OEMs need a thermoforming supplier to take on expanded roles in packaging design, development and testing.

    Download Nelipak Healthcare Packaging’s free white paper to learn about the full-service design, development and manufacturing capabilities that enable optimized sterile medical packaging fit for purpose, which may be more sustainable and can even play a significant part in the functionality of the device.

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    • US Letter (English)

    In-Silico Design in Healthcare Packaging

    In-Silico design is a transformational addition to current design processes proven in the medical device, automotive and aerospace segments it is now being used to enable improvements in packaging. The NeliSimTM simulation platform highlights opportunities within existing or new design proposals in the early stages of development.

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    • US Letter (English)

    All of our Case Studies:

    Nelipak Healthcare Packaging Sealing Machinery Chosen for Establishment Labs’ State-of-the-Art Breast Implants

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