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Clara, Ireland March 23, 2021 Nelipak® Laboratory Services (“Nelipak”), a leading provider of healthcare packaging testing for the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors, offers testing for Transportation Simulation, a vitally important test for most companies and commonly based on ASTM Standard D4169 (Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems).

Companies take great care to ensure their products are in perfect condition when they are ready to ship. However, as soon as shippers leave the site, the product is now outside of the company’s control and can be handled less than ideally during transport. Therefore, it is important that companies know that their products are packaged in a strong packaging system to ensure they remain undamaged even through rough transportation. Transportation testing involves a series of assessments designed to simulate various transportation stresses placed on shipper boxes during a worst-case transportation cycle to ensure that products remain fit for use even in a worst-case scenario.

The first half of Distribution Cycle 13 from ASTM D4169 T is preferred by many companies, as it simulates international transportation by both air and motor transportation, a common transportation system for many companies. The first step of this testing is climatic conditioning, a simulation of weather conditions of the shipper boxes. For more information on climatic conditioning, click here.

The next step of testing is Schedule A Handling, which is based on Standard ASTM D5276. This rather simple test involves dropping the shippers from a fixed height to simulate shippers which are dropped or fall during transportation. Drops are performed from a range of sides and edges of the shippers to test for every type of fall. The shipper is then thoroughly examined for signs of damage to the shipper.

After handling comes Schedule C Vehicle Stacking, which is based on ASTM Standard D642. This test is designed to simulate the effects of a shipper box having other shippers packed on top of it, which can put a significant weight on the shipper and damage product within. The test involves calculating a weight that the shipper may be exposed to and placing it on the shipper to see if any damage is caused by the weight pressing down on the shipper box.

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