Performance Packaging

Nelipak design and develop award winning solutions which meet customer needs for added protection and functionality for a range of applications.

Performance Packaging components use the technical expertise of our designers, product developers, tool makers and operators using thermoforming, die cutting, RF welding and other processes to deliver protection to sensitive components for markets which include the orthopedic, cardiovascular and medical electronics.

We combine thermoforming and materials technology to deliver cleanroom produced functional solutions ensuring performance and safety to devices which can be delicate, abrasive, sharp or vary in shape that include;

•  Orthopaedic implants
•  Drills and screws
•  Needles
•  Medical electronics

Cleanroom produced, Nelipak performance packaging can also meet sustainability needs for reduced packaging volume, material and handling as an alternative to foam and other generic void fill packaging. Our solutions can be custom molded TPU, TPU/PETG laminate or die cut in sheet form finished as:

•  Trays and blisters
•  Wrap-a-rounds
•  Suspension packs
•  Generic void fill solutions
•  Skin wrap blister sets
•  Pouches
•  Envelope/Sleeves

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