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Custom Rigid Packaging

Performance Packaging: Maximum Protection & Trust

Performance Packaging combines thermoforming and material technology to deliver cleanroom-produced, functional solutions that ensure performance and safety.

Cleanroom produced, Nelipak performance packaging helps meet needs for reduced packaging volume, material and handling as an alternative to foam and other generic void fill packaging. Our solutions include custom molded TPU, TPU/PETG laminate or die cut in sheet form.

With its excellent mechanical, puncture and abrasion resistance properties, TPU is an ideal material for use with demanding devices.  The nonabrasive properties of  TPU material also protects finished, polishes and other delicate surfaces from damage including marring of devices, denting and scratching.

We combine technical expertise of our designers, product developers, tool makers, and operators with the capabilities of thermoforming, die cutting, RF welding, and other processes to deliver superior protection.

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Trays & Blisters

PETG/TPU laminated trays providing scuff and superior puncture resistance.

Welded Holsters

Welded TPU flexible holsters for hip stems providing protection right up to point of use.


TPU welded solutions for sharp screws and pins shipped with orthopedic plates.

Cushion Packs

PETG/TPU combinations flexing to the demands of implants of varying sizes.

Tip Protection

Protecting devices with sharp surfaces and packaging from transport damage.


  • Hip implants
  • Knee implants
  • Spinal implants
  • Sports & Trauma implants
  • Screws & Pins
  • Needles
  • Drill sets
  • Tip protection

With Nelipak’s performance packaging,

we were able to finally achieve the packaging needs we had for a very sensitive and hard-to-care-for medical device product.

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Speak to a Nelipak commercial sales representative about how Nelipak’s Performance Packaging solutions are right for any and all sensitive medical products.

Our business partnerships is built upon helping our clients successfully build brands, sell products and deliver their products successfully to market. We will work with your team to deliver on time and on budget – from concept to end-use, we’re with you through it all.

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