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A machine designing packaging molds.

An Update on our Employees and Operations in Puerto Rico

With the recent devastation of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, we have worked hard to establish contact with our employees to assess their safety and well being.  Almost all of our employees have now been accounted for, but we are still working to establish contact with a small number due to the disruption of power and communications across the island. We are working with our employees to assist them and their families with essential items through a relief plan put in place by our senior team on the ground.

Fortunately, our Juncos and Humacao sites sustained relatively minor damage as a result of the storm. Clean up of debris outside our sites is nearly complete and minor repairs to the facilities are ongoing. We have resumed operations on a limited basis supplying customers who have started minimal production at their facilities. We continue to assess the restoration of full services at both sites subject to power and transport limitations and will update our customers regularly on progress.

Mike Kelly
President and Chief Executive Officer
Nelipak Healthcare Packaging