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Press Release

Nelipak Customer CorNeat Vision Successfully Implants First Artificial Cornea

Equipment Meets Increased Customer Demand for Condition TestingNelipak Provides Blister Package for Ground-breaking CorNeat KPro

Cranston, RI – March 15th, 2021 – Nelipak® Healthcare Packaging (“Nelipak”), a global leader in rigid and flexible packaging for the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors, in partnership with Yail Noa Group, a leader in innovative technological protection solutions, congratulates our customer CorNeat Vision on the successful implantation of the CorNeat KPro, the first artificial cornea which completely integrates with the eye wall with no reliance on donor tissue. CorNeat Vision is a biomimetic implant and technology company, which produces a lineup of innovative, safe, affordable and long-lasting ophthalmic medical solutions that will significantly impact surgery practices in the areas of ophthalmology, periodontology and more.

The surgery, which was performed on a bilaterally blind, 78-year-old male at Rabin Medical Center, Israel, by Professor Irit Bahar, Director of the Ophthalmology Department, can be watched here and shows Nelipak’s blister and packaging in the operating room. The CorNeat KPro enabled the patient to read text and recognize family members, after a decade of blindness.

Nelipak is proud to develop and provide blisters for CorNeat Vision, as well as have our team perform validation work on the blister and Tyvek® used. Our blisters provide product protection and security, and our team leverages our extensive knowledge to design and manufacture the most user-friendly and optimized packs. Our custom packaging solutions are 100% focused on healthcare, so we can provide the protection that CorNeat Vision needs to deploy its ground-breaking solution. We drive our customers’ success by combining superior quality, customer support and the most efficient technology.

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About CorNeat Vision

CorNeat Vision is a clinical-stage, biomimetic implant technology company. CorNeat Vision’s platform is a 100% synthetic, non-degradable porous material, which mimics the micro-structure of the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) – the natural biological collagen mesh providing structural and biochemical support to surrounding cells. When implanted, this material stimulates cellular proliferation, leading to progressive tissue integration. This fully
validated in-vivo platform enables the bio-mechanical integration of permanent implants with live tissue and does not trigger an adverse immune system response. Click HERE to learn more.

Nelipak® Healthcare Packaging

Nelipak Healthcare Packaging is a leading global manufacturer of custom-designed rigid and flexible healthcare packaging used for Class II and Class III medical devices, and pharma drug delivery products. The company operates strategically located cleanroom facilities meeting customers’ most stringent packaging requirements. Nelipak’s experienced in-house design, development, prototyping, manufacturing and quality teams offer medical trays and blisters, surgical procedure trays, flexible sterile tray lidding and barrier pouches, pharmaceutical handling trays, custom built sealing machines and other value-added services. With a staff of over 1,400, the company operates from ten production facilities, five in the Americas (Cranston, RI.; Whitehall, PA; Phoenix, AZ.; Humacao, Puerto Rico; and San Jose, Costa Rica) and five in Europe (Venray, the Netherlands; Galway, Ireland; Clara, Ireland; Derry, Northern Ireland; and Elsham, England).

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