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A machine designing packaging molds.

Nelipak Healthcare Packaging Continues to Invest in Process Optimization and New Technology in the Netherlands

We are delighted to share that our new automated TPU welding equipment housed in our Cleanroom 7 environment at our Venray facility in the Netherlands has now been installed.

We recognize the need for innovative packaging methods to deliver protection to sensitive components for markets which include orthopedics, cardiovascular and medical electronics.

We have listened to all of our valued existing and new customers and we have further enhanced our capabilities to meet customer requirements.

This technology combines thermoforming and materials technology to deliver cleanroom-produced functional solutions ensuring performance and safety to devices which can be delicate, abrasive, sharp or vary in shape.

These include cleanroom-produced:

  •  Orthopedic implants
  •  Drills and screws
  •  Needles
  •  Medical electronics

Nelipak’s high-performance packaging can also meet sustainability needs for reduced packaging volume, material and handling as an alternative to foam and other generic void fill packaging.

This most recent innovation offers other solutions for custom molded TPU, TPU/PETG laminate or die cut in sheet form finished as:

  • Trays and blisters
  • Wrap-a-rounds
  • Suspension packs
  • Generic void fill solutions
  • Skin wrap blister sets
  • Pouches
  • Envelopes/Sleeves

We can also supply these TPU solutions in varying colors and gages to facilitate your customer needs.

Earlier this year we invested in a new cleanroom facility. We further enhanced our capabilities to meet customer requirements for larger trays from a cleanroom facility. Our Big Bed Thermoforming Machine has the capability to run large trays for all of our medical and pharmaceutical customers to dimensions reaching 1200mm by 880mm.

Our team of top class designers will use their comprehensive skillsets to identify alternatives, which are custom made to meet your product and packaging needs.

These enhanced capabilities are a vital part of our journey with our strategic customers to ensure we deliver the most innovative design and development solutions for you.

This new addition serves to ensure we continue to focus on our customers and the human factors which play a key role in the patient experience.

We look forward to showing all of our customers around and helping you deliver more innovative solutions.

– Liz Nugent
VP of Sales, Europe
Nelipak Healthcare Packaging