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Nelipak Laboratory Services Completed Validation of New Climatic Conditioning Chamber

Equipment Meets Increased Customer Demand for
Condition Testing

Clara, Ireland
January 26, 2021
Nelipak® Laboratory Services (“Nelipak”),
a leading provider of healthcare packaging testing for the medical device and
pharmaceutical sectors, today announced that Nelipak Laboratory Services has
completed the validation of our new climatic conditioning chamber to meeting
increased demand for conditioning testing.

the new MDR regulations coming into effect in May 2021, OEMs find themselves
requiring a full validation of their shipping containers to ensure products
reach clients in perfect condition.

conditioning plays a vital role in assessing a shipper’s strength and suitability
for transport around the globe. The most requested standards are ASTM D4332 or
ASTM F2825, which detail the types of conditions packaging may be subjected to
depending on the countries where products are sold. Whether shipping to hot and
humid tropics or freezing tundra, it is vital to know a shipper can maintain
its integrity and protect the product throughout its journey from manufacturer
to final customer.

new chamber can hold temperatures from -40 to 80 degrees and humidity’s from 0
– 90 % RH, which expands Nelipak’s capacity to supply all customers’
conditioning needs. This new large chamber (with a holding volume of 6.7m3)
increases our ability to condition a large amount of customer product in one setting,
greatly speeding up lead- times to customers.

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