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Nelipak Laboratory Services Details Transportation Testing Process

Lab is Fully INAB Accredited for a Full Range of Transportation Simulation Tests

Clara, Ireland April 27, 2021 Nelipak® Laboratory Services (“Nelipak”), a leading provider of healthcare packaging testing for the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors, provides further details on the company’s transportation testing services.

Previously, the team detailed the first half of transport simulation testing for the ASTM Standard D4169, which focused on the DC13 cycle in particular as it is one of the most commonly selected cycles a company may choose when looking to perform transportation testing for their product.

Now, here is a closer look at DC13 Loose Load vibration Schedule F. This test involves the vibration of the shipper box to simulate the shocks a box undergoes during any form of transportation. Shipper boxes are vibrated on
different box orientations to fully test the ability of the shippers to protect their contents during transport. Following the vibration test, comes Schedule I Low pressure testing, also known as High-Altitude testing. The  examines the effects of high-altitude transportation (such as air transport or along high mountain roads). The reduction in pressure under those conditions can cause packaging materials to inflate due to the pressure
difference. Shippers are placed in a chamber under reduced atmospheric pressure for an hour to determine if the packaging can withstand the pressure change.  This test is only required for non-porous packaging materials as porous (also known as breathable materials) can allow air to pass through them so changes in pressure do not affect them.

Next, another vibration test takes place. Vehicle Vibration Schedule E is similar to Loose Load vibration; however, this specifically simulates the vibrations known to occur during certain transport methods. The most common types are road, air and rail, and depending on the method a shipper may be transported in, different combinations can be selected. These vibration tests are run for several hours to determine if shippers can withstand the shocks and movement of a vehicle moving in transport.

The next to last test that may be performed is Concentrated Impact Schedule J. This test is only necessary for single-walled shippers (double or triple-walled shippers can be exempt from this test). The protocol involves a large cylinder rod being raised and dropped striking the faces of the shipper box to determine if the shipper can remain undamaged following a concentrated collision with another object. In cases when the rod pierces the inner shipper, it is considered to have failed the test.

The final step in transportation simulation for DC13 is another round of drop testing. These drops are very similar to the second step explained earlier but differ as a new set of sides and edges of the shipper boxes are tested during these drops to understand what damage is caused to the box after all other tests have been completed. The final drop of this sequence is the largest, at double the height of all the other drops.

This concludes the second half of a typical transportation simulation testing cycle. For further information regarding accelerated aging and other services, contact the Nelipak Laboratory Services team at
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