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Nelipak Laboratory Services Offers Package Material Testing

Material testing is an important aspect of the design of various packaging types.

Clara, Ireland – August 24, 2021 – Material testing is an important aspect of the design of various packaging types. Nelipak® Laboratory Services (“Nelipak”), a leading provider of healthcare packaging testing for the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors, offers a variety of material test methods to evaluate several different attributes of packaging materials to determine if a specific material is suitable for use in a customer project.

This piece examines three material testing methods that the lab performs: Gelbo flex testing, Tensile testing and Coefficient of Friction. Nelipak Laboratory Services is a fully accredited testing laboratory for these methods and many others.

Gelbo Flex testing, which is performed to ASTM standard F392, is a test to determine the flexural resistance of flexible barrier materials. The material is strained by a combination of twists and compressions for a certain period. After the material has been strained in this way, a colored dye is placed on it to see the number of pinholes that have been created by the straining of the material. The fewer the number of holes the stronger the material is.

Coefficient of Friction, also known as a slip test, is commonly performed for materials that will be involved in automated processes in the factory or stacking of completed products. The test performed at Nelipak to ASTM D1894 involves preparing a specimen of the film and wrapping it in a sled to measure the force required to pull it along a surface.

Tensile testing from ASTM Standard D882 determines the mechanical properties of films such as tensile yield, strength, elongation and modulus. The sample is subjected to a known and controlled tension until failure of the material using a testing frame machine.

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