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Nelipak Laboratory Services Successfully Completes ISO 17205 Accreditation Maintenance Audit for 2021

Clara, Ireland May 24, 2021 Nelipak® Laboratory Services (“Nelipak”), a leading provider of healthcare packaging testing for the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors, recently successfully completed its annual ISO 17025 maintenance audit continuing its accreditation to the ISO 17025 standard.

This mark’s Nelipaks’ 12th consecutive year of successful accreditation to the ISO standard, which details the requirements (both technical and quality) that testing and calibration laboratories must adhere to. For an organization to be accredited in ISO 17025, its laboratory must be able to consistently produce precise, repeatable and accurate tests and have implemented a rigorous quality management system.

The successful completion of this audit demonstrates that Nelipak Laboratory Services holds both technical and quality aspects of its laboratory and testing to the highest level. Continued accreditation to the ISO 17205 standard also gives our customers the assurance that testing is performed to the highest standards and they can have full confidence in our results.

Nelipak Laboratory Services offers ISO 17205 accredited testing to all commercial customers. We offer a range of testing activities including accelerated aging, transport simulation testing, material analysis and package integrity Ttsting.

Nelipak Laboratory Services offers a comprehensive range of tests, including aging, package and material testing, transportation and analytical testing for the medical device, pharmaceutical, packaging and life science industries. In addition to providing high quality testing and analysis, our team of experts have considerable experience in advising, problem solving and consulting on all aspects of packaging regulation and standards. We are committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of quality and service in all aspects of our laboratory testing. This commitment is underpinned by the support of our management team to provide a highly professional and confidential service in our secure facility to all our customers.

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