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A machine designing packaging molds.

Nelipak Represented at St. Mary’s College STEM Career Fair

Aisling McGreanery, Product Engineer,  and Dawn Galbraith, Group Financial Controller, represented Nelipak Healthcare Packaging at the St. Mary’s College STEM Career Fair.

As a past pupil of the school,  Aisling was particularly delighted to support her alma mater and share the broad breadth of sterile barrier packaging capabilities and career opportunities Nelipak offers.

Engineers Week took place in St. Marys College between 2nd – 6th March and the team was at the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Careers Fair.

Students from various schools from both the North and South of Ireland, including St. Mary’s (both girls and boys), from Year 10-14 rotated in groups of approx. 10 every 10 minutes or so to hear what each company had to offer in terms of STEM-related careers. Some other companies that came included AE Global, E&I Engineering and Terex.

Visual representation is key when it came to engaging with the students, hence why the team took along samples and a video demo to show exactly what Nelipak has to offer. It was a great turnout and students were very interested in the company overall. The pens also went down a treat!