Senior Accountant

Phoenix, AZ

Nelipak® has earned its world class reputation supplying custom thermoforming and contract packaging solutions to the most challenging packaging problems through award winning designs, value engineering analysis and outstanding productivity. Nelipak is committed to the highest standard of excellence in our products, services and performance.

Primary responsibilities are dedicated to accounting and finance. Secondary responsibilities are Human Resources / employee benefits, new employee orientation and training records retention.


  • Process accounts payables receipts and entries
  • Record daily Accounts Receivables deposits
  • Process Accounts Payables receipts and entries
  • Process expense reports
  • Maintain daily cash accounts
  • Voucher and pay Accounts Payables invoices and other checks as needed
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Assist with the monthly close
  • Inventory cycle counting
  • Customer and Vendor set up and maintenance
  • Invoice dispute resolution
  • All aspects of payroll
  • Employee orientation – medical benefits, vacation, 401K, and hiring
  • Assist with local HR coordination
  • Maintain monthly tracking of sales and commissions
  • Maintain petty cash
  • Government, State and Local census reporting
  • Alternate for Business Support Specialist
  • Balance Sheet Account Analysis
  • Other assignment/projects


Per direction of the CFO


  • Taking care of an effective and efficient related to accounting projects.
  • Recording and providing the correct data, both internally and externally.
  • Correct feedback to the internal/external customer.
  • Human Resource representation in the Phoenix facility.


General Education: Degree (AS, BS) or equivalent BS in Accounting

Specific Training:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills


  • Being aware of the importance of this position for the company.
  • Broad general knowledge and financial interest in business-to-business.
  • Organisational talent for accounting project guidance.


  • Being aware of the importance of this position for the company.
  • ACCURACY – Shows attention to detail
  • ANALYTICAL SKILLS – Acquires insight into a complex issue
  • Approaches a problem from different perspectives
  • Makes clear distinction between major and minor issues of a problem
  • Beginning in analysing a problem to work systematically
  • RELIABILITY / DISCIPLINE – Keep strictly to the rules of the organization
  • Respects formal rules and agreements
  • Exhibits exemplary behavior on basic rules and agreements
  • Pre opinion or ask permission if necessary of existing rules and procedures deviate
  • Displays complete and accurate information
  • Respects confidential and personal information
  • Can judge whether or not further spread information can / should be
  • Does what he / she says, comes after promises and agreements
  • Take responsibility for own actions
  • Will be open for own mistakes, errors and omissions
  • Acts consistently
  • GOAL ORIENTATION – Have a clear understanding of mutual expectations
  • INITIATIVE – Sees opportunities and challenges and engages directly
  • INTEGRITY – Beginning careful with sensitive and / or personal information
  • QUALITY FOCUS – Displays clearly and explicitly what quality is expected
  • Brings opportunities for quality improvement forward
  • DEVELOPMENT FOCUS – Has insight into the possibilities, limitations and development needs
  • ORGANIZATION SENSITIVITY – Maintains good relationships with colleagues and other departments
  • Written Communication – Writes concise and to-the-point – Uses correct grammar
  • Dedication – Shows enthusiasm and readiness
  • INDEPENDENT – Works without supervision or guidance of others within the agreed frameworks


Close date for receipt is the 15th July and CV’s should be send the attention of Donna Dias,