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A machine designing packaging molds.

Product Design & Development

With an award-winning design team, Nelipak creates innovations for what our customers serve to the end patient – ensuring health and safety. We meet your needs for pack performance, functionality, and product protection.

Trusted from the Start

Over 70 years of design and manufacturing experience has inspired and influenced Nelipak® designers to achieve the best in pack performance, functionality, and product protection.

We deliver the highest quality healthcare packaging solutions in the industry, that are Trusted to Protect, helping every step of the way working to bring your project from concept to completion.

Our designers know your package should fit all requirements as a cost-effective solution. We ensure high quality standards and minimize waste, with an eye on continuous improvement.



We take the time to listen and ask the right questions. Our teams understand the importance of providing you with the right packaging solutions that deliver performance, functionality, and product protection.

Design & Development

Collaborating closely with your teams our engineers and applications specialists create a packaging format best suited to your application.


From handmade pouches to trays from 3D molds our team deliver sample parts proving out fit and Functionality. Prototypes provide feedback and the opportunity to refine concepts to quickly get to design freeze.


The package solution is ready to be submitted for validation ahead of being introduced to the medical market. Our teams are on hand to help with Seal & Pack Integrity testing, and Transportation & Distribution testing through our independent laboratory services.


Designed for manufacturability, packaging solutions are tested for repeatability and functionality. Our in-house validation and quality processes help protect your life-enhancing, life saving products.

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Let’s start the conversation with Nelipak’s commercial development team to facilitate the process. We’re here to provide solutions for your every need – no matter how simple or intricate the project.

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Explore Our Development Process

With decades of experience and countless successful project deliveries, Nelipak and its customers have engaged in rich, innovative Research & Development opportunities that have led the healthcare packaging industry. Our unique offerings deliver a concept-to-delivery process under one roof.

Design & Development

Over 70 years of design and manufacturing experience mean Nelipak® designers understand the need for pack performance, functionality, and product protection.

We deliver the highest quality healthcare packaging solutions in the industry, helping with everything you need to bring your project from concept to completion.

  • Exhaustive discovery for parameters, requirements, and materials cost – finding the best solutions for the project and reducing any sort of waste
  • Initial concept and design for feedback – identifying areas of improvement and cost reduction
  • Adjustments and approvals to submit for prototypes

Model & Prototyping

From concept to samples to reality, Nelipak specializes in customization and develops a large number of new products every year.

Our designers will take ownership throughout, from the development phase to the creation of the production samples – corrected and submitted for final approval. Once approved, production tools are released for regular manufacturing runs.

Our full service package in the development phase includes:

  • Designing / engineering
  • State of the art CAD/CAM software
  • Prototyping / samples
  • Analyses / quality controls
  • Production tooling
  • First article parts
A specialist evaluates packaging molds.
A machine designing packaging molds.

Tool Build

Putting our engineering expertise into your product

After designs and prototypes are approved, Nelipak experienced CNC programmers, tool, and die makers develop and produce all production tooling in-house. This supports our constant innovation and specialist know-how as we look to shift the boundaries of technology.

  • Produced in high-quality material and with precision machinery
  • Custom-made and consists of many parts such as the production mold, plug-assist, cutting knives, cutting plate, clamping frame, and a robot-handling plate
  • Tooling qualification process upon completion to ensure the tool capabilities
Tray simulation showing stress point

FEA Simulation

In-Silicon design, transformational addition to current design processes proven in the medical device, automotive, and aerospace segments, is now enhancing healthcare packaging.

The NeliSimTM simulation platform highlights opportunities within existing or new design proposals in the early stages of development.

  • Customized specifically for thermoformed packaging for the medical and pharmaceutical healthcare market
  • Predicts material distribution across complex tray designs
  • Identifies areas of opportunity such as minimum wall and flange thickness
  • Indicates likely areas of performance risk during transit tests.

Superior Products & Services.

Speak to a Nelipak commercial sales representative about how Nelipak’s Performance Packaging solutions are right for any and all sensitive medical products.

Our business partnerships is built upon helping our clients successfully build brands, sell products and deliver their products successfully to market. We will work with your team to deliver on time and on budget – from concept to end-use, we’re with you through it all.

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