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Laboratory Services

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To achieve this together, our team of laboratory experts work with customers in advising, problem-solving, and consulting on all aspects of packaging regulation and standards.

Independent Lab Testing under One Nelipak.

We offer a comprehensive range of tests for the medical device, pharmaceutical, packaging, life science, and food & beverage industries – all under One Nelipak. We can work with you to select, or develop, the right test protocol for your packaged product to fit your specific needs.


Packaging Testing Services

Comprehensive testing to validate a packaging system in accordance with ISO 11607, including distribution simulation, accelerated and real-time aging, and sterile barrier integrity testing.


Nelipak Clara’s lab is accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) to ISO/IEC 17025. Nelipak Venray’s lab operates in accordance with ISTA Standards.

Advice & Customer Service

In addition to providing high quality testing and analysis, our team of experts have considerable experience in advising, problem-solving, and consulting on all aspects of packaging industry regulation and standards.

Transportation & Distribution Testing

Simulate the hazards the product can potentially encounter in the distribution process. We can advise transportation studies to meet customers’ requirements and provide detailed reports that outline the package performance. Typically, Seal and Pack Integrity Testing is carried out in conjunction with Transportation Testing to ensure the pack has not been compromised.

A person is assessing the keypad for a sterile machine.

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Test specimens are exposed to known temperatures and humidities to simulate environmental conditions that they may encounter during transport or life cycle. Typically the specimens are exposed to  cold/hot/humid conditions.

Drop Testing

Evaluates the capability of a container to withstand sudden shock resulting from a free fall and to study the capability of a
container and its inner packaging to protect its contents.

Compression Resistance

Simulates Vehicle / Warehouse stacking forces based on the mass and dimensions of the specimens. It will determine the Compressive Resistance of containers under a constant load for either a specified time or to failure.

Vibration Testing

Test specimens are subjected to random vibrations and varying
frequencies to simulate truck and air transit.

High Altitude Simulation

Simulates the effects of high altitude / low pressure during airtravel or travel over mountain passes. The packaging systems are subjected to a controlled vacuum. This is only required for specimens sensitive to low pressure, e.g. non porous packaging.

Concentrated Impact

Resistance against concentrated low level impacts typical of those encountered in distribution environments. This test is most commonly used for lighter grade corrugated boards.

Packaging Integrity / Sample Testing

Sample Testing is a vital part of packaging validation. This testing verifies the packaging and the package seal has remained intact, keeping the product sterile. Packaging failures can compromise the sterility of the product which can be hazardous to the end-user.

A person is testing the seal of a healthcare package.

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Seal Strength Testing

Establishes the strength of a seal on flexible and rigid packaging materials such as trays, blisters, pouches and header bags.

Burst Testing

This test determines the ability of the seal to withstand internal pressurization until the seal fails. It can identify the weakest point in the packaging.

Dye Penetration Testing

A dye penetrate solution is applied locally to the material sample or sealed edge. After contact with the dye for a specified time, the samples or seals are visually inspected for channels. The integrity of the materials or seals formed between film and porous or non-porous materials are analyzed.

Bubble Leak Testing

Packaging is submerged in water and internally pressurized to the pre-established pressure. During testing, package is visually inspected for steady streams of bubbles indicating punctures and tears in substrates or channels and voids in seals.

Age Testing

Age Testing is performed to determine a product’s shelf life and is a requirement of ISO 11607-1. At Nelipak, we have a number of chambers operating at various conditions offering choice to customers, we can also operate chambers to a customer’s specific request.

A person is placing a box in a sterile storage room.

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Accelerated Aging

Exposing specimens to elevated controlled temperatures and humidities to simulate the effects of real time aging over a shorter period of time. Calculating the length of time to age the specimen is determined by the Arrhenius Equation. This states that an increase of 10°C doubles the rate of a reaction.

Real-Time Age Testing

Specimens are stored in a designated area and exposed to continuously monitored ambient conditions, for a specific period of time.

Material Analytical Testing

At Nelipak Laboratory, we can use FTIR and DSC separately or in combination to identify polymer blends and compositions. This can be most useful when identifying problem batches and monitoring quality control.

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Differential Scanning Calorimetry

DSC is a thermo-analytical test which characterizes the thermal behavior of a polymeric material. We are accredited to measure Temperature and Enthalpy of Melting and Crystallization and also Glass Transition Temperature and Step Height

Fourier- Transform IR Spectroscopy (FTIR)

An analytical test where infrared light passes through a specimen and results in a spectrum. The spectrum provides a chemical “fingerprint” unique to that specimen.

It can be used to identify unknown samples or determine the quality / consistency of a sample.

Material Testing

Our independent, certified laboratory offers a range of Analytical Testing Services. We can work with you to select, or develop, the right test protocol for your packaged product to fit your specific needs. Our Analytical Testing services include;

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Slip testing / Coefficient of Friction

Determines the starting and sliding friction of plastic film, sliding over itself or other substances. Slip properties are important to consider when looking at automated filling processes, stacking properties of filled packages.

Tensile Testing

Determines the mechanical properties of films such as tensile yield, strength, elongation and modulus. The sample is subjected to a known and controlled tension until failure.

Puncture Testing

The test allows a flexible barrier sample to be characterized for slow rate penetration resistance with a driven probe. The test is performed by applying a biaxial stress at a single test velocity to the sample until perforation occurs.

Gelbo Flex Testing

Determines the flexural resistance of flexible barrier material by applying repetitive strain through a combination of twisting and compression motions. Measures the materials resistance to pin holing.

Other Tests Provided by our Laboratory Services Team

We can work with you to select the right test regime for your packaged product to fit your specific requirements.

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Tray Heat Sealing machine & tooling validation

IQ, OQ for validation of Tray heat sealing machine and tooling validation conform to ISO 11607-2

Bendtsen Porosity Testing

Determines the air permeance of a porous material by measuring the resistance of airflow through the material.

Breaking Force and Elongation of Textile Fabrics

Determines the resilience of the material by applying a force until the sample breaks, e.g. Tyvek®.

Dart Drop Test

Determines the impact resistance of plastic films by Free-Falling Dart Method. The test determines the energy needed to cause a plastic film to fail under the impact of a free-falling dart.

Yield Testing

This test method is used to determine area per unit mass of flexible materials.

Determination of Grammage

Basis weight per area of paper and board.

Gurley Porosity

This is a test of the openness of uncoated stock. We conduct this test using a Gurley porosity tester. The instrument measures porosity by forcing air through the sheet and measuring the rate of flow.

Bendstsen Roughness

Bendtsen surface roughness is calculated from the airflow in the contact surface between a flat, circular measurement land and a paper or Tyvek® test piece.

Spenser Impact

Provides a convenient method for determining the impact resistance of packaging materials under conditions that closely approximate the strain rates that the material is subject to in end-use applications.

Bursting Strength of Paper

Defined as the maximum pressure on the paper surface or paperboard in a perpendicular direction, required to rupture the paper.

Tear Resistance (paper / films)

Tear resistance is the mean force needed to tear a single thickness of a sample of plastic film, textile, paper or board. The tear testing can be undertaken using the pendulum method (Elmendorf tear tester).

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