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A machine designing packaging molds.
Helping Heatlhcare be sustainable

Sustainability focus

Sustainability Circle

Our key areas of focus, helping deliver the maximum impact in the relevant ways.


We actively aim to reduce scope 1&2 Green House Gas emissions by  using less energy and increased renewables to deliver on our 2030 reduction targets. 

We will reduce water consumption and lower waste through process efficiency, investment and  recycling.


Our development engineers apply design for sustainability to: 

  • Optimize form-factors for materials use and transport efficiency.
  • Use easier to recycle materials and structures.
  • Introduce recycled material solutions.
  • Optimize non-product transit packaging.


Across Nelipak we observe universal Codes of conduct & have access to a confidential Whistleblower  process

We operate a Safe work  environment for all employees and ensure role- relevant training programs develop the organization.

Risk & Resilience

We complete specific risk assessments and supplier surveying as required.


Nelipak maintains and expands on relevant industry credentials such as EcoVadis, CDP and ISCC+ . It is actively implementing the requirements for CSRD and other mandated reporting.

Nelipak has focused activities into 5 principal areas, our ” sustainability circle”- selected to deliver the greatest contribution to our sustainability vision.


We govern our sustainability through our policies and codes, reporting progress against our strategy and goals to the board


We maintain both a sustainability policy and a sustainable procurement policy. These define our expectations both internally and in our supply chain.

Codes of Conduct

At Nelipak employees have committed to our code of conduct. This outlines our expectations to each other, to  our stakeholders and society. Our whistleblower hotline, open to all employees, helps us live the valued included in the code.  We extend  the same expectations to our suppliers through our supplier code of conduct.

Board Oversight

Our board maintains a regular cadence of oversight and involvement. The sustainability plan is reviewed annually, with topic specific updates through the year.

Metrics and Progress

Nelipak has clearly laid out metrics and targets aligned to our sustainability focus. Progression is driven through our annual operating plans.

A machine designing packaging molds.

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