Nelipak Elsham Appoints Adam Bolsover as Senior R&D Engineer

Nelipak is pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Adam D. Bolsover as senior R&D engineer at its Elsham facility. Adam will now head up the R&D team in Elsham, following the retirement of senior R&D manager George Mankel, who was particularly integral to Nelipak’s flexibles business for more than 30 years, and instrumental to the development of its STREAM recyclable films portfolio.

In his new role at Nelipak, Adam will support and contribute to packaging development programs, providing solutions valued by customers and driving profitable growth. He will collaborate to understand customers’ packaging needs, rapidly drive the development and implementation of products and/or processes aligned to customer/market needs and business strategy, and ensure proper documentation of work and contribute knowledge to overall R&D team success.

Prior to joining Nelipak, Adam most recently served as quality and technical manager at St. Johns Packaging, where he was responsible for quality, technical and sourcing for the UK market and also provided expertise on EU compliance, sustainability, materials, and product development as part of the global team, to aid in development.