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Your Packaging Partner

One team. One comprehensive process. One partner to support all your healthcare packaging. Come discover why Nelipak is different across the healthcare packaging industry.

A Partner Dedicated to Healthcare Packaging

The right packaging is critical to bringing your product to the point of care. Normally, it can be a complicated process: multiple vendors across multiple supply chains around the world. Coordinating it with your product launch means working with multiple vendors.

With Nelipak, it is simplified. You work with one partner who works to get you to market. You can:

  • Simplify your supply chain
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Promote sustainable solutions
  • Collaborate with experts in medical and pharmaceutical packaging
  • Reduce complexity so you can focus on your product

You are helping improve health and save lives. We’re your dedicated partners in packaging.

A specialist evaluates packaging molds.

Working With You Where You Are

Packaging might contain rigid parts. But our process is flexible. We’re designed to work where you work. Let’s have a conversation. A few conversation starters are below…

“We have an existing packaging process, but are looking for new vendor”

Our team has the capability to scale our process to meet your pre-existing process. You get a higher level of compliance, efficiency, and production than before.

“We have a design and prototype, but need someone who can build it.”

Our process can implement your design and turn it into a reality, quickly getting into production at scale. Our engineers work with you to ensure consistency.

“We have a product coming to market in a year and no packaging yet.”

Let’s talk about your product. Let’s plan around your needs. Let’s design and manufacture the perfect packaging solution. You’re not starting from scratch. We’re working together.

A Dedicated Team, Working With You At Every Stage

A simplified solution means not having to find different vendors at every stage. It means working with one team, dedicated to you. Here are some of the in-house capabilities you’ll get when working with Nelipak.

Your Partner in Solving Problems

We’re the global leader in healthcare packaging, with factories in Europe and North America, and the reach to ship across the globe.

We can manufacture our solutions in our facilities, or set up yours to scale up to our design.

Sustainability is the core of our mission. We work to ensure that manufacturing has a small footprint and that our packaging exceeds all sustainability standards.

A machine designing packaging molds.

You’re improving health. We’re improving packaging. Let’s work together.

When you get your products to the point of care, lives are made better. Supporting you with simplified packaging is our mission.

Partner with a Dedicated Healthcare Packaging Team