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Innovation in Healthcare Packaging

With over 70 years of expertise Nelipak’s engineered product portfolio delivers innovative packaging solutions and complementary products and services.

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Packaging Innovation That Protects Your Commitment

Our deep commitment to safe, sustainable, and customized packaging does more than deliver your products: it reflects your reputation. With a deep understanding of material science as well as demanding regulatory requirements, we are the leading innovator of Healthcare Packaging.

Our process is centered around you, our customer.  Whatever the need our unparalleled customer collaboration experience helps you accelerate your product to market and grow your business. We’re the partner that lets you never worry about packaging. Let’s innovate together.

FTIR materials analysis

Materials Development

Our design and applications staff have extensive experience in developing flexible material solutions for healthcare and life sciences applications. With a deep understanding of material science as well as demanding regulatory requirements, we are ready to collaborate on your new project or to help resolve a challenge with a pre-existing system.

At Nelipak, we are experienced in thermoform design and flexible development using unique materials, including recyclable and recycled plastics. We’re continuously adapting our materials to meet healthcare packaging challenges.

Sustainability by Design

Sustainable packaging products for the healthcare industry.

Developing sustainable packaging solutions is a top priority for the healthcare industry. We work with our supply chain partners, to increase the use of develop recycle-ready and recycled content materials in our products.

Our team of healthcare-focused product designers and engineers provide customers with expertise on design for sustainability in order to help create products which help achieve sustainability goals.

Moving mixed material structures to recycle-ready, mono material packaging that simplify waste segregation and increase readiness for established recycle streams.

We continue to innovate and develop new sustainable packaging to help customers find ways to Rethink, Reduce, and Recycle healthcare packaging.


Heat Seal coating technology

For over 40 years, Nelipak Heat Seal Coatings (HSC) have set the industry standard for the highest quality sterile packaging materials.

Optimum seal strength, smooth clean opening. Ensuring your product’s packaging integrity. We continue to enhance performance with regard to sealability, breathability and peelability.

Nelipak CR27™, the world’s most universally used Heat Seal Coating for sterile packaging, is trusted by the majority of the top 30 medical device manufacturers.


Design Innovation

Intellectual based predictability of packaging performance

Nelipak®s’ NeliSimTM simulation platform moves New Product Development (NPD) from an experience based approach to an Intellectual one identifying issues with design proposals in the early stages of development.

NeliSimTM is a simulation solution specifically designed for thermoformed packaging for the      medical and pharmaceutical healthcare market increasing speed to market with increased confidence in product performance.

Tray simulation showing stress point

Superior Products & Services.

Speak to a Nelipak commercial sales representative about how Nelipak’s Performance Packaging solutions are right for any and all sensitive medical products.

Our business partnerships is built upon helping our clients successfully build brands, sell products and deliver their products successfully to market. We will work with your team to deliver on time and on budget – from concept to end-use, we’re with you through it all.

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