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A machine designing packaging molds.

Custom Medical Packaging Products You Can Trust

We produce tried-and-true products, along with innovative offerings to solve even the most complex packaging execution. A diverse range of product packaging options – both in Rigids and Flexibles – tailored to your specific needs, ensuring safety, and maintaining the integrity of your pharmaceutical and medical products.

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One Supplier for Healthcare Packaging

No need to coordinate multiple suppliers. No need to hope that rigid and flexible parts arrive at the same time. No need to assemble them yourself. Nelipak is one of the few companies to deliver rigid and flexible packaging solutions on a global scale.

We’ve got you covered. Our most popular products include:

Partner with Packaging Experts

Our team of product designers and engineers brings decades of expertise to your packaging solution, driven by a genuine care for quality and efficiency.

Their dedication to the customer is matched only by their experience in knowing how to serve the customer, ensuring that every project benefits from their deep understanding and innovative approach to healthcare packaging.

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A person is testing the seal of a healthcare package.
A machine designing packaging molds.

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You don’t just need one product. You’re looking for a comprehensive healthcare packaging solution. We can build one.

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A machine designing packaging molds.

The Products and Process. A Total Package.

When you work with Nelipak, you have a partner that takes responsibility over every part of your packaging system requirements.

Let’s work together on comprehensive medical packaging solutions that get you to market and build upon your brand.

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