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A specialist evaluates packaging molds.
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Work with a packaging partner trusted to protect your life-saving medical products.

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The supply chain for healthcare products is complex. You have to balance the many components of packaging materials. In order to maintain compliance, you have to ensure all your suppliers are compliant. Getting medical products to market is a challenge, but it can be easier.

With Nelipak, getting the right packaging solution is simple.

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In 2023, Nelipak celebrated 70 years of safety, quality, service, and innovation in the healthcare packaging industry. Now positioned as a global leader pushing the possibilities, Nelipak retold that story with a 70th Anniversary Video. Have a look below.

A machine designing packaging molds.
A person is placing a box in a sterile storage room.


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Looking for a career with company that makes a difference? The devices and products is Trusted to Protect improves and saves lives better worldwide. We’re looking for people who want to support that mission.

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“What do we do? We provide products and services to help protect your life-enhancing, life-saving products.

We work where you are, in the key life science industry hubs across the world. It’s how we serve global customers. Every market. Every product. You focus on your products. We’ll focus on protecting them.”

Pat Chambliss, CEONelipak
A machine designing packaging molds.

Healthcare Patients Rely on You. You Can Rely on Us.

You’re delivering life-saving pharmaceutical and medical device products to the world. We’re the partner that lets you never worry about packaging. Let’s work together.

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