Medical Procedure Trays

Custom designed ergonomic device trays that save time during surgical procedures and simplify the logistics process.

Our design professionals understand the needs of medical device customers and hospital staff for packaging which is easy to use, reduces handling and saves time. End users demand solutions which assure sterility, reduce risk of error during procedure and minimizes waste.

Nelipak custom designed procedure trays address this need by bringing together all the instruments and supplies needed for the physician to perform the procedure, in many instances without the assistance of a nurse or aide. Components can be packaged in order of use so the clinician can progress efficiently through the procedure.

Procedure tray sets reduce the overall need for individual component packaging by bringing together all the required elements in one kit. This kit can be stored in a single location lowering storage demands due to elimination of unnecessary packaging. Hunting and gathering of supplies and equipment from multiple locations is eliminated saving time and also reduces the chance of human error during the collection process.

Since the tray is pre-packaged and sterilised, staff do not need to assemble, fewer touch points improves infection prevention.

Typical applications for Procedure Trays include:

•  Angiography
•  Ophthalmology
•  General surgery
•  Anaesthesia
•  Orthopedics
•  ENT
•  Plastic surgery
•  Trauma
•   OB/GYN

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