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Custom Rigid Packaging

Medical Trays & Blister Packs

Our custom rigid medical packaging solutions for trays and blister packs provide the superior quality and protection that medical manufacturers expect.

A specialist evaluates packaging molds.

Medical manufacturers rely on Nelipak’s a wide range of medical trays and blister packs.

We work closely with customers, from start-ups to leading medical device manufacturers, throughout the entire product life cycle.

Nelipak medical trays can be made in ISO Class 7 or 8 cleanrooms certified to ISO-13485 across our global manufacturing locations. Our in-house, expert packaging and tool development teams help increase your products’ speed to market while packaging that reduces unit costs and ensures total product protection and integrity.

Medical trays & Blister packs

Your Products. Our Packaging Expertise.

We serve all lines in the healthcare field from orthopaedic to cardiac implants, insta-ocular lenses, surgery sets, catheters, to diagnostic kits. Nelipak product developers use our collective and extensive knowledge to design and manufacture the most user-friendly and optimized packs.

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Medical Trays & Blister Packs Lines

  • Medical Device Trays
  • Procedure Sets
  • Clamshells
  • Tubs
  • Skin Pack Sets
  • Transport Trays
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Healthcare Patients Rely on You. You Can Rely on Us.

You’re delivering life-saving pharmaceutical and medical device products to the world. We’re the partner that lets you never worry about packaging. Let’s work together.

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