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Seal Tools Built For Consistency

Engineered to deliver solid, validated seals, seal after seal.

Our sealing fixtures are precision manufactured delivering  superior performance when combined with any of our Nelipak range of medical tray heat sealers.


When you need performance!

Our sealing fixtures are precision engineered tools delivering  superior performance when combined with any of our Nelipak range of medical tray heat sealers.  Using the Nelipak quick tool change system, standard on all our sealers, simply lift the entire fixture out the seal drawer.  Easily switch out the custom seal die and heat plate in minutes. We guarantee that by using our blisters, machines and sealing tools in combination with our flexible lids, you will be able to run an optimized packaging operation capable of achieving solid, validated seals, seal after seal.

Operator using Nelipak tray sealer to seal medical trays

Custom Made Seal Fixtures For

Dependable Results

We understand the requirements for packaging integrity and seal strength performance.  Our fixtures are made from only the finest, quality materials to assure consistent, high-grade seals.  Our customers depend on us for custom drop in tooling to deliver on their medical device and pharmaceutical grade applications.


  • Aluminum tooling with anodized finish or:
  • Pertinex composite board
  • Support runners to prohibit deflection during sealing
  • Calibrated corner bolts preventing over pressurization of seal flanges
  • Precision machined rubber gaskets or molded press fit silicon rubber seal gaskets support tray flanges
  • Retracting spring pins for precise placement of lid stock
  • Quick release locks for fast change over of seal fixture


  • Matched cavity heat plate machined from aluminum
  • Teflon coating (stick on or coated)
  • Ejector for easy release of sealed trays from fixture
  • Matching cavities or Inner / outer combinations
  • RFID tags, match tools to stored recipes – (requires RFID compatible machine)
  • Seal Fixture Acceptance Program – Machine test and indicated seal parameters for Time, Temperature and pressure for seal trays.

Aluminum tool with machined rubber

Pertinex tool with machined rubber

Aluminum tool with T Gaskets

Services and Accessories

Providing you with a range of value-added services and accessories to support your operational goals. We understand that your investment in our Tray Sealers is based on your belief in the reputation of the Nelipak name. We are committed to maintaining this legacy through superior products and service.

Superior Products & Services.

Speak to a Nelipak commercial sales representative about how Nelipak’s Performance Packaging solutions are right for any and all sensitive medical products.

Our business partnerships is built upon helping our clients successfully build brands, sell products and deliver their products successfully to market. We will work with your team to deliver on time and on budget – from concept to end-use, we’re with you through it all.

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