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Medical Tray Sealer

AH-G Large Format Shuttle Sealer

Custom-built sealing machines for medical device and pharmaceutical thermoformed blisters and trays.


Nelipak® custom-built large format single shuttle station medical tray heat sealing machine. Specifically designed for tubs and trays with a larger footprint and depth.

Easy to operate with low maintenance requirements sealers designed for Class 7 cleanroom use.  In built RFID feature confirms sealing tool sets are matched to stored recipes reducing operator error (requires RFID tagged tools).  Two hand activation of automated sealing cycle with inbuilt ejector of sealed trays for ease of removal.

PLC-control with HMI panel for ease of set up and storage of recipes.  The PLC program features precise Time, Temperature, and seal Pressure control.  Process Alarms provide increased confidence in your package seal quality.


Optional Extras:
Calibration (Time, Pressure, Temperature)


  • Seal area 810 x 610mm / 31.9 x 24.0in.
  • Max height tray 330mm / 13.0in.
  • Footprint 1870(l) x 1200(w) x 1880mm(h) / 73.6(l) x 47.2(w) x 74.1(h)in.
  • PLC control with HMI screen for ease of set up and operation
  • Two hand push button automatic drawer.
  • 4x PT100 thermo couplers.
  • Quick tool change for heating plate.
  • Automatic ejector for easy tray removal.
  • RFID tagging of tools for machine recipes.
  • Electric regulator for air.
  • Clixon for heat plate.
  • 2x USB ports.
  • Network RJ45 socket.
  • Data log.
  • Max 20 machine recipes.
  • Temperature alarm (upper and lower limit, digital set up).
  • Seal time alarm (upper and lower limit, digital set up).
  • Seal pressure alarm (upper and lower limit, digital set up).
  • Timer for pre-heating machine (168 hours).
  • Class 7 Cleanroom compatible.
  • CE Marked.
A person is placing a package in the Nelipak sealing machine.

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